Avenue of the Giants Marathon              May 5, 2013





Will registration for The Ave close early, and if so, when?
Is there a cut-off time for any of the races?
Where is the best place to watch the race?
Can I run with my dog?
Do you really mean it when you say "NO EARPHONES"?

Can I take my little one along in a stroller, even if I'm only running or walking the 10K?



It has been a long time since we have had to close registration prior to race day, and we don't expect to do so this year (2011).  Numbers seem to be increasing, so the future is uncertain.  Be advised, however, that ours is a rural area where lodging availability is limited.  You should make your plans as early as possible to insure that you have a comfortable place to stay.


Yes!  The cut off time for the marathon is 7 hours, 6 hours for the half, and 3 hours for the 10K.  Due to complaints from residents we are going to have to open the course to traffic earlier than usual.  Please be aware that the first half of the marathon will be open to limited traffic (police escort.)To insure the safety of participants we will close the course to those who do not reach the half way point of the Marathon under 3 and a half hours. 


For safety reasons there is limited access to the course (No unauthorized vehicles of any kind.), so if you wish to observe the race from anywhere than the staging area, you must get there on foot.  There is an open area near Weott, about two miles south of the start from which you could observe participants in all three races.  By far the best observation point, however, is the staging area, or Dyerville Bridge itsself.  Here you can watch the start of each event, cheer the marathoners as they start the second half of their race, and of course cheer for the finishers.  If you stand on the Bridge, make sure you leave enough room for runners both going and coming.


ABSOLUTELY NO! Dogs kept on leashes at all times are welcome at the race staging area, but for the safety on runners, not on the course.      Back to the top!


Yes, we REALLY mean it.  We are following rules of the Road Runners Club of America.  Because there will be guided traffic on the first part of the Marathon course, because the roads can be rough, and because those using earphones cannot hear what's happening behind then, we cannot allow earphones on the course.  Those wearing earphones face the possibility of disqualification.  Besides, the scenery is so beautiful you don't need music to "ease the pain." Back to the top!


The roads will be too narrow, rough, and congested to safely carry a child in a stroller.  Some folks walking or running the 10K  have carried small ones in a backpack; but you would need to be in very good shape to do this.        Back to the top!